Thursday, May 16, 2013

Summer Post - Play Dates at the Park and other information

Hello all! Please check out the pictures of our various Care Circles from 2012-2013 throughout this post!

Mom2Mom has ended for the year, but we have lots of things planned for the summer! Every other Friday morning at 9am we will meet at a park in town for continued fellowship and play time for any little ones. The schedule is as follows:

May 17th: Shepard Park
May 31st: Ewing Park
June 14th: Bittner Park
June 28th: Savannah Green Park
July 12th: Tipton Park
July 26th: McGraw Park
August 9th: Clearwater Park
August 23: Shepard Park

Even if you have not been part of Mom2Mom in the past but would like to meet some great moms and ask some questions about the group, please do not hesitate to come to these play dates at the park! We would love to have you! If you don't know where a park is, please email us.

Mom2Mom is also having a summer book study of Jill Savage's Book No More Perfect Moms. We will be meeting every other Monday night at 6pm beginning on Monday June 3rd. Child Care is provided if you RSVP with names and ages of your children by May 25th. For questions on that contact Betsy Frailey at

For more current information or to see other happenings this summer, please check out our FaceBook page (

Please check back later this summer for registration information for the upcoming year. If you are interested in learning more about Mom2Mom, please email us at!

We look forward to seeing you next year!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New "Team" Concept for M2M of 2013/2014 - Initial Introduction

As you all know, Jill Savage is the Mom2Mom founder. In following the idea from her book,Creating the Mom's Group You've been Looking for, we would like to use a "team" concept for all of Mom2Mom for the next school year.This would allow for everyone to participate in some way, but hopefully no one would get burned out!

The teams we are looking at having are:
  • Program/Outreach
  • Care Circle Leaders
  • Lamb2Lamb
  • Communications
  • Hospitality 
There would several opportunities or roles within each team. Please start thinking about what team you would like to be on next year (note, you will have to be on at least one!). At this time, we plan on meeting as a team for a few minutes during Care Circle days once a month - this way there will hopefully be no meeting outside of Mom2Mom! Some teams (especially programming and parts of Lamb2Lamb) will meet this summer so if you are busier during the school year, perhaps those are the teams for you!

Our hope is that you can serve where your passions fall and that Mom2Mom can be blessed by your participation...and that you can be blessed as well!

More information will be coming later. If you are interested in serving a larger role, please let someone on the exec team know. 

Notes from Loving Your Husband by Loving His Parents

Highlights from the presentation by Mary Steinke:

  • Every family has dysfunction – remember Jesus’ family was horrified that he was proclaiming to be the Son of God. 
  • Common issues (you are not alone!) 
    • Constant cold shoulder 
    • Purposeful non-inclusion 
    • Political differences 
    • Religious differences 
    • Illness 
    • Abuse of any kind 
  • You can’t please everyone…so try to please God 
  • Different kinds of conflicts (not conflict is different than disagreeing…disagreements are typically about facts) 
    • Inadvertent 
    • Overt 
    • Covert (passive aggressive)
  •  Genesis tells us we must leave our family of origin, cleave your relationship with his family and weave your own family together. 
  • It is okay to set boundaries. Your family unit may do things differently than both of your extended families. Tell them your wishes, but don’t be inflexible.
  • If the issue is with your husband’s family, he needs to be the one to verbalize the conflict. They are related by blood and will be less likely to hold it against him! 
  • For any conflict, find common ground. Try the sandwich method: 
    • Say something positive (top layer) 
    • Get at the main subject (meat of the conversation) 
    • Say something positive 
  • Leave the past in the past 
  • Find favor 
  • Find distance 
    • If the caller id pops up – it is okay not to answer the phone 
    • Meet at a public place 
    • Meet NOT on a holiday 
    • Meet at a location half way 
  • Find how favoritism is handled 
  • Forgiveness 
    • Unforgiveness is like you drinking poison and expecting the other person to die…they don’t know! 
  • You must have an exit strategy 
  • Grace 
    • When you are feeling upset, flustered, etc – think “grace, grace, grace.” It lets you have time to think more like Christ and get your frustration under control 
    • Remember…the problem people are in your life for a purpose – to make YOU more like Christ. If you could see them through God’s eyes, you can see them through grace. 
  • No matter what – love wins.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

No More Perfect Moms Book Launch Featuring Jill Savage on February 1 from 9-11am

Come hear Jill Savage speak!

Join Mom2Mom of Bloomington/Normal as we celebrate our imperfections at a book launch party for "No More Perfect Moms," the newest book by Hearts at Home founder, Jill Savage.

Book launch details:

  • Friday, February 1, 2013 from 9-11 a.m.
  • Calvary Methodist Church (1700 North Towanda Avenue, Normal)
  • Admission is $5 at the door (proceeds will go to support the Mom2Mom ministry)
  • Light refreshments will be provided
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to provide childcare at this event.

Check out this event on the Mom2Mom Facebook page:

Visit for more information about Jill's book, or email for more information about the event.

We hope to see you there!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Notes from 11/30 (Living Simply)

Information on December 7th Meeting:

This Friday is a Care Circle Day! We are looking forward to a festive activity, ways to remember the true meaning in Christmas and great fellowship with the women in our Care Circles. It is also a swap shop day - bring any items you have lying around!

Notes from 11/30 - Living Simply in an Age of Acquisition:

Please note these notes are just the highlights from Cara's presentation! If you would like an email with an attachment of all the notes from Cara, please email Betsy at

  • Life Slogan
    • If your family had a slogan, what would it be? What would you like it to be?
    • Contentment: state of being satisfied.
    • God says, " you have all you need." Our human nature wants it all.
    • Contentment is taught through family culture
      • Minimize covetousness
      • Cultivate generosity
      • Encourage trust
    • Family mission statement: look at checkbook and calendar and see what matters most to your family
    • Limit opportunities for want: no, we aren't going to choose to spend our money on that.
    • Make celebrations personal, you need to be present; not give presents
    • Remember the vision that you have for your family and talk about it often
    • Put a picture or note in your wallet to remind you about the vision (on your credit/debit card)
    • Don't have a couple good months and then blow it by going and buying a lot.
    • If Jesus showed up at your door, would you be proud of how you use all that God has given you.
  • Develop a thankful attitude - we're unhappy because we think others a doing better.
  • Establish a reasonable standard of living
  • Stay committed to living within your means
  • Develop a lifestyle based on convictions, not circumstances
  • Discern between wants and needs
  • Ask for Gods help to change your heart and mind. I want my life to be what you want it to be for me.
  • Cultivate generosity
    • God gives to us so we can give to others
    • Tithe is 10% and anything above that is your offering
    • The more you give the more you receive
    • Blessing of the nine: give kids $1 for chores and pay in dimes (different envelopes)
    • Talk with our kids about those that live with less. (Matt 25:40)
    • Be a good example
    • Ring bells for Salvation Army
    • Donate old things
    • Visit Kemmerer Village
    • Take a family mission trip
    • Support the ongoing missions of your church
    • Get involved with Boys and Girls Club
    • Sponsor a child
  • Encourage trust
    • Don't make a snap decision; God will give you time to talk with Him about it
    • Be consistent
    • Trusting God should give you peace of mind

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Information for 11/30 meeting: Living Simply in an Age of Acquisition

Hello there ladies! I pray that you had a great Thanksgiving!
Tomorrow M2M is meeting with an excellent speaker. Cara McMillan is presenting on Living Simply in an Age of Acquisition. Her topic will include food for thought such as: In a culture where bigger is better and more is still not enough, what are we striving for in our families? How do we give our children the best of ourselves and the best of life without falling victim to the busyness and unrealistic expectations that plague so many of us? It's time to regroup, refocus, and reinvent this thing we call motherhood

Cara has been married 10 years to Dave, who is a 6th grade teacher. They are the parents to 7 children. After graduating from ISU with a degree in Elementary Education, Cara taught for a short time, but for the past 9 years she has run a home daycare and pre-school out of her home. Following God's call has led the McMorrises to be foster parents, adoptive parents, to feed the homeless in Bloomington, and on countless other advertures. Finding contentment in the craziness of following Jesus is not easy, but it is a constant theme in Cara's conversations with God.
See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Updates from Nov 2 and Nov 9

Hello there M2M-ers! Please accept my apologies on the delay in updating this. This Friday (November 16th) is a Mom's Connection Time day. If you are not sure where you are meeting, please contact your Care Circle Leader!

We will start with information from last Friday (11/9) and work our way backwards.

November 9th - Care Circle Day

Last week at Mom2Mom our focus was on thanksgiving. We participated in an activity on prayer where we traced our hands side by side on a piece of paper. On the thumb was "Praise", first finger was "Thank", middle finger was "Confess", ring finger was "Ask", and pinky finger was "Others". We then folded the paper in half so the hands were "praying". This would be a good activity to do with your kids!

We also discussed various ways to instill an attitude of thanksgiving in our kids.
  • Thankful Chain: make a paper chain using strips of paper with things you're thankful for written on each link
  • Grateful Jar: write things your thankful for on pieces of paper and put them in a jar (review this at the end of the year or on Thanksgiving)
  • Thank You Notes: make sure you help your kids to write thank you notes to the people in their lives (for gifts or acts of kindness/thoughtfulness)
  • Ask Them: ask your kids on a daily basis what they're thankful for and share with them what you're thankful for (including them!)
  • Make a Thankful Tree: make a tree out of construction paper or using fallen branches and hang tags with things you're thankful for written on each tag
  • Set a Good Example: thank people often in front of your children (cashier, waitress, friends, family...); involve your kids when volunteering in the community
  • Thanksgiving Tablecloth: buy a white table cloth and have each member of the family write something they're thankful for in permanent marker
Make sure to give a big "Thank you" to Sandy for emphasizing the importance of teaching our children to be thankful!

November 2nd - "Lights, Camera, Action"

Jill Savage and her camera crew made us feel like we stepped onto a Hollywood set last Friday. Jill was able to multitask by recording scenes for her video that will be a part of her new book No More Perfect Moms study series and give us some inspiration about friendships and choosing grace.

Jill talked to us about being a "here I am" person versus a "there you are" person. A Here I Am person walks into a room and expects others to seek them out. A There You Are person walks into a room and puts aside their comfort and seeks others out to make them comfortable. Jill helped us overcome our fear by offering us a line to use when meeting someone new. "I don't believe I have had the opportunity to meet you yet". We were able to practice this for awhile and in no time at all the whole room was filled with the sound of people reaching out to others and getting to know someone they didn't know very well just a little bit more. Jill then challenged us to do this to 2 people each week of Mom 2 Mom, so that by the end of the year, we would have introduced ourselves to everyone in the group. How awesome and connected we would all feel if we took this challenge. I for one and a more shy and reserved person, but I like the idea of becoming more connected with people, so I am going to break out of my comfort zone and attempt her challenge.

Another part of Jill's video was talking about how Motherhood is the ministry of interruptions. When we get interrupted we can choose what the flesh wants to do and react instinctively which often times turns out negatively, or we can react in a way that Christ wants us to with grace and compassion. Jill shared a time when she was driving with her son on a snowy cold day and their car ran out of gas miles from the nearest gas station. She used this interruption to teach a lesson in grace and that everyone makes mistakes and the time they had in the car turned out to be one of the most memorable conversations she has had with her son to this day. Several other shared some stories of how they handled an interruption and turned it into a positive situation.

Thank you to all those who were there and helped out from personal stories, to small group sharing, to remaining silent, and pretend talking. It was neat to see the inner workings of how a video is made, and made the anticipation for her book and book study grow that much more. We are looking forward to having Jill speak to us on Feb. 1 for her book release party and hope that even if you are not a part of Mom 2 Mom, you will come join us to learn more about No More Perfect Moms!

Sorry for the long post - we will be back on track for next week :)

Enjoy your Thanksgiving prep and time with family and friends! We are praying you have a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving. See you on the 30th!